The reason I have finally started a blog

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now. Writing has always been somewhat of a passion of mine, I guess you’d call it. I love the online community. I love how you can connect with others from all around the world. I also love when I read someone else’s post and my perspective instantly changes because of what they have shared. I find the online world, well… fascinating.

I am the one with journals for dayyyys. It’s been my outlet ever since I was aware of it. I am the one who actually enjoyed learning about the english language (I was a french immersion student so high school english was a nice change for me).  I am the one who will write her friends essays in their birthday cards, short enough to still be sweet but sentimental enough to potentially make you cry. I am the one who has many saved articles somewhere in my mac book, old hidden gems from the many blogs I did not start.

I was the one who, up until recently, had a bad habit of limiting beliefs. Someone who used to say to herself, “Why would anyone care?” and “Who do you think you are?”-  a lot. I used to believe the negative, discouraging, awful things said by the toxic people I allowed in my life. I was the one who would tell herself anything to get out of centre-of-attention mode. Aka, anything remotely related to being “vulnerable”.

However, I am also one who has been blessed with many, very strong people in her life. My loved ones are some of the most hard working, driven, positive, loving, supportive people. They know who they are in this world and they support who I truly am. They encourage me to do all the things I want to do in this life. They remind me that I actually do have value to bring here, where ever “here” is at that point in time, and that there really are no limits in life with the right intentions. These people are living super heroes. People that, even though they’ve felt the same, negative way at some point in their time, they never let it stop them. These people are my inspiration. (These people also know who they are – wink, wink)

Right now, “here” is on the internet. I hope to shed some light, love, some laughter, insight and real talk from my desktop to yours.

I became a mom last year and it has been my greatest journey of life so far. If it wasn’t for motherhood, you may not be reading this. Although it has come with many challenges, I have found out A LOT about life. I can confidently say I have discovered myself through motherhood. The me I knew was there but had yet to be fully awakened. I feel like this new side of me is my true self, a more vulnerable self albeit, but a side I feel many can relate to. I have been through my own share of struggles but it has all brought me here. They say, “When a baby is birthed, a Mother is born”. That couldn’t be more true for me. I am more secure, more confident, wiser, happier, patient, understanding, more humble, more grateful, more open and definitely more willing to walk away from toxicity and close a damn door or two. I can stand on my own ground and do just that- own it. I know what I stand for and what I won’t stand for. I trust my intuition. I know how to say goodbye and good riddance, with class. I’ve let go of relationships that no longer serve me, developed a stronger sense of self worth and even purged my closet, since I’ve accepted I won’t be fitting into some items worn pre pregnancy (My butt and legs are just bigger now. It’s ok. I’m cool with it. I’m actually pretty proud of it. I’m sure some mamas out there are nodding along right now).

All of which has brought me to this point. Right now. Living my life in a new way, as a new mom and a new me, starting a new chapter as a blogger.

Those who know me well know I like to reread a handful of books from time to time, just to refresh. There aren’t many but these books are ones that really leave me thinking about life and feeling motivated to be a better me. One particular book I am rereading right now is by Brene Brown Ph.D. called ‘The Gifts of Imperfections”. She is a researcher who studies shame, resilience, vulnerability, courage, compassion & connection – things we all could use more practice with. Although I have read this book before, this time around is the reason I’m actually starting my blog. She writes: “I am inspired by everyone who shares their work and opinions with the world. Courage is contagious. You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs”. 

So, here it goes. Here is my courage to finally do something I’ve been inspired to do. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy.




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